Mackenzie Dimler

UCLA 2016, Music Education
Voice Part


Years Active in Medleys a Cappella

2015 - 2016

How did Medleys affect your UCLA experience?

Medleys changed my entire UCLA career in my senior year! I didn't expect a group to have that kind of profound effect on my UCLA experience but having the opportunity to sing, perform, and arrange with Medleys as well as hang out with them so often was an amazing experience that I will absolutely never forget!

Most Memorable Medleys Moment

Oh man I honestly don't think that I can choose just one. Every minute I've spent with Medleys was something that I will always cherish! If I had to choose I would actually have to choose the Arts in the Union concert during 0 week. The performance was amazing and I definitely didn't cry at all during Iscariot...

Where are you now?

I live in Sherman Oaks and I'm currently living the funemployed life while I wait to hear back about jobs at UCLA (fingers crossed.

Are you still singing?

Only every second of every day always

If you were to perform in the circus, what would you do?

Ringmaster duh

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Medleys Alumni
Joined in 2015

Position in Medleys:



Iscariot Uncharted