Nathan Waxer

UCLA 2006, Pre-med
Voice Part


Years Active in Medleys a Cappella

2004 - 2006

How did Medleys affect your UCLA experience?

Medleys gave me the opportunity to do something I enjoyed while giving back to the community. Being able to share that experience with others who care about the same thing was truly special. There is a unique bond and connection that I feel I made with each and every member that was a part of Medleys through the joy of music. Without Medleys, I would have missed out on something wonderful that enriched my time and my life while at UCLA.

Most Memorable Medleys Moment

My most memorable Medleys moment is not a moment but rather many moments. Being able to watch the transformation and the growing pains from the very beginning stages of Medleys to where the group is now. Seeing the tremendous change, growth and improvement before my eyes has been extremely rewarding. I feel honored to have worked with Virginia from the early on in the formation of Medleys and to see what it has become today.

Where are you now?

Las Vegas

Are you still singing?


If you were to perform in the circus, what would you do?

High Wire Acrobat

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Medleys Alumni
Joined in 2004

Position in Medleys:



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