Sara Ketcham

UCLA 2012, Global Studies
Voice Part

Soprano, Alto

Years Active in Medleys a Cappella

2008 - 2012

How did Medleys affect your UCLA experience?

Medleys defined my UCLA experience. It gave me the opportunity to be a leader, to use something I love to do something important, and taught me skills I seriously use everyday. And most importantly, it gave me a family of people I still see and love.

Most Memorable Medleys Moment

"Sara ate the whole pizookie!!!!!!!" The original bucket head at Elise's cabin. Singing at Jr. Blinds. "So we think the girls should do ALL the solos in JT Brit"

Where are you now?

In Berkeley, getting a teaching credential and masters of education. Boom.

Are you still singing?


If you were to perform in the circus, what would you do?

Be the ringleader. Or sell cotton candy but actually eat it while watching the trapeze artists.

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Medleys Alumni
Joined in 2008

Position in Medleys:

Eternal Manager, 2008-2011


Can't Help Falling in Love Folding Chair I Will Both Sides Now