Yvonne Hoang

UCLA 2009, Psychology
Voice Part


Years Active in Medleys a Cappella

2005 - 2009

How did Medleys affect your UCLA experience?

Medleys WAS my UCLA experience. A lot of memories I have of college definitely revolve around times I had with the people I got to know and love in the group. From ridiculously late night chats, 5am performances, the occasional brewco outing, and the guaranteed hugs I get after rehearsals, Medleys was Medleys, and college was school. Also, it doesn't hurt to think we made a few kids smile just by being ourselves. That's always a plus.

Most Memorable Medleys Moment

In the first Medleys retreat ever, while camping. I believe it was the last morning before we all went our separate ways, maybe 7am, when Christopher Remmel shouts, "STEAMROLL!" and pummels everyone in his proximity. I think I was in the sleeping bag next to him and got to experience his revenge first.

Where are you now?

LA, trying to live just above poverty level.

Are you still singing?

only to little little kids.

If you were to perform in the circus, what would you do?

maybe the bearded lady, since she doesn't have to deal with tigers or tight rope walking.

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Medleys Alumni
Joined in 2005

Position in Medleys:

Historian/Photographer, 2005-2009


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