Audition FAQ

Medleys knows that for some people auditions can be a stressful and frightening process – we’ve all been in your shoes before! However, we also know that if you are well prepared auditions can actually be a lot of fun and an interesting way of meeting new people.

Below are some questions we frequently get from students about our audition process. We recommend you read this section carefully and thoroughly before auditioning so you can be prepared for success. If you have additional questions or would like more information beyond what is written here, please do not hesitate to contact us at

How do I sign up for an audition?

You can either sign up for an audition through acaspot or our own audition sign-up page. You only need to sign up on one website.

What if I don't know exactly when I can come in for an audition?

We always accept walk-in auditions. Just come by the room where auditions are held some time during auditions and we'll fit you in. Keep in mind, however, that we do have to give priority to people that signed up for a spot, so you might have to wait for a bit.

Where do I go for the audition?

Auditions each year are typically held in Schoenberg. Come to the main entrance lobby, where you'll meet one of the members of Medleys - they'll take you to the audition room.

What is an audition usually like and how long will it take?

During your initial audition you will be asked to sing various scales and vocal exercises (to check your vocal range) as well as sing 2 minutes or less of a prepared solo audition piece of your choice. Depending upon your ability to read music, you will also be asked to sight read a short excerpt or perform tonal memory exercises. In total you should plan for the audition to take between 10-15 minutes.

What should I sing?

Anything you like! We love all types of music and we welcome pieces of all genres and languages. The bottom line is that we want you to sing something that you are comfortable with and you feel showcases your talent. The one rule that we have is that your selection MUST be without accompaniment (sorry, no instruments or backup tracks of any kind). There will be a keyboard available to supply your starting pitch. Since we only listen to 2 minutes or less of your solo audition piece we recommend that you choose an excerpt that immediately shows your vocal strength without any long introductions or instrumental breaks.

Do I need to have lots of experience or be able to read music?

Definitely not! Medleys makes selections based on those we feel have the greatest potential to contribute to the group. In years past we have taken students with years of musical and vocal training, as well as students who have never sang in a group or played an instrument before in their lives. If we feel that a candidate has the potential to be a benefit to the group, we will consider taking them; regardless of their experience or training.

How big is Medleys and how many people are you going to take?

Since we want to keep our group at a manageable size for travel, each year we usually have between 12 to 15 members. The number of positions we are looking to fill fluctuates each year with our graduates, but we are usually looking for at least one person from every part. That being said, we do not have a particular quota of spots to fill and if we find someone who we feel is a good match for our group we will accept them regardless of the number of “available spaces”.

When will I know about callbacks?

We contact people for callbacks via e-mail once the last day of open auditions has finished. If you have a conflict with callbacks, please let us know as soon as possible. We expect you to be on time to callbacks, so be aware that if you are late, it could impact your chances of getting into the group.

What are callbacks like and how long will they take?

Callbacks are aimed at giving potential members a taste of what it’s like to be in an a cappella group. Auditionees will be e-mailed excerpts of sheet music which they will be responsible for learning before coming to call-backs. During the audition potential members will be asked to learn group warm-ups and will be given the chance to interact/sing with current group members (as well as other auditionees) in small groups. In total you should plan for the callback audition to take about 2 hours.

When will I find out if I'm in Medleys?

We will let everyone know the results of callbacks no later than 24 hours after they occur.

If I get in to Medleys, how much of a time commitment is it?

Medleys rehearses 5 hours a week, which is normal for most of the a cappella groups at UCLA. We also perform several times a quarter at various locations in the LA area. Performances are usually on weekends and take 2-3 hours (including transportation).